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Asus has PadFone mini, MeMoFone HD 5 and MeMoPad HD 8 in the pipeline

Big day today for Asus as far as media attention goes, with a large chunk of the company’s near future plans revealed courtesy of two subsequent leaks. The Taiwanese are reportedly working on a follow-up to Samsung’s Nexus 10, plus an array of 100% self-branded phones and tabs.


What’s odd is that second part may have been handed to us directly by Asus officials, following a local press conference. Odd, but not that unusual. After all, how else can you get people talking about you if not by deliberately supplying information to the press?

Anyhow, let’s leave the jibber jabber aside and dig in. The Asus “smartphone and pad strategy” includes a number of ten devices, only some of these are known to most of you already, so we’ll only focus on what’s new.

Asus smartphones

First up, a PadFone mini. It’s the first time we’re hearing about such a gadget, so we can’t speculate as to its specs, but it’s really not a surprise Asus has decided to follow Samsung, HTC and Motorola’s suit and come out with a watered-down version of its flagship. The question is exactly how watered-down is it.

As far as the FonePad Note FHD 6 goes, that’s also an unreleased device (technically), but one much more familiar to us. That’s because it’s been (quietly) unveiled already, sporting a 6-inch 1,080p screen, stylus support, dual-core Intel Clover Trail+ processor and 2 GB RAM.

Asus tablets

Third on the list, we have something called MeMoFone HD 5. And yeah, I get the MeMoPads have proven to be unexpected hits, but really, Asus, that’s a terrible name. Oh, well, maybe the specs can save it, though with a 720p screen, I highly doubt it.

Moving on to tabs, the only new thing appears to be a MeMoPad HD 8. I personally like the HD 7 a lot, as it seems to have a very fair quality-pricing ratio, yet I hope the 8-incher will step things up in the hardware department a little. Maybe with a Snapdragon S4 Pro replacing the MediaTek chip? Allow me to dream. What are your hopes and dreams regarding the upcoming Asus devices?

 Via [Chinese VR-Zone]

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