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ASUS GeForce GTX 660 (GK106) DirectCU II TOP 2GB Review


Price: SGD$??? / USD $???

Strangely, we do not have pricing information for the TOP edition of ASUS's GTX 660 yet but we do know that the OC edition (which is one grade lower) costs SGD$399 / USD$239. These prices are in the ball park of AMD's hot clocked HD 7870 cards and we dare say both of them offer great value for the gamers, with the red camp doing slightly better in GPU compute tasks and green camp in power consumption.

If you are the typical gamer who doesn't care about overclocking, Nvidia's drivers will give the GTX 660 the edge over AMD's rather frustrating driver releases (frequent regressions of old bugs). We personally think that HD 7950 / GTX 660 Ti cards will offer better value for money (not to mention the ability to do 3 or 4-way multi-GPU) for just a few more dollars.

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