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ASUS EN6800Ultra-DUAL Preview

VR-Zone has a sneak peek at the upcoming ASUS EN6800Ultra Dual card that is going to be launched at Computex later this month. This card features two 6800Ultra GPUs on a single card and comes with 512MB GDDR3 memory onboard. Check it out!

ASUS is going to launch their new EN6800Ultra Dual card later
this month at Computex that features two 6800Ultra GPUs on a single card. This
card comes with a total of 512MB GDDR3 memory onboard and has dual DVI-out.

The ASUS EN6800U Dual card is almost immediately recognized by
its sheer size which is almost double than that of a 6800GT/Ultra card. This
card will not fit in normal cases since it is longer and taller so probably ASUS
will have a shrink down version of this card when launch.


One of the 6800U core on the card has A1 stepping manufactured
on Week 38 of Year 2004. Since the 6800 core is native AGP, therefore a bridge
is needed to graft AGP GPUs to PCI Express interface. The core is clocked at


ASUS EN6800U Dual card uses Samsung K4J55323QF-GC16 1.6ns GDDR3
memory chip that has a maximum frequency of 1200MHz. The memory is clocked at


This card apparently will only work on ASUS motherboards. If you
are using ASUS A8N-SLI, the SLI card on the motherboard should be switched to
Single Card mode and the board will require a BIOS update. If the ASUS P5ND2-SLI
motherboard is used, there is a special Dual-GPU card that needs to be inserted
to enable both GPUs. If not, only one GPU will be utilized.

Updates : Just gotten more information that
EN6800Ultra-DUAL card can work on any brands of SLI motherboard but of course
ASUS motherboards are recommended. It might support nForce 4 Ultra chipset like
the DFI nF4 Ultra-D but it is untested yet.

Stay tuned for
a performance test on this card and if we have the time, we will give this card
some cold treatment. Meanwhile do drop by
our forums and discuss
about this.

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