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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Review: Android tablet that offers no deception

This is the standard retail box which the ASUS tablet came for this review. It is about the size of the Eee Pad Transformer and bundled with the tablet are the power adapter, USB cable, a soft case and the user manual. The optional keyboard dock is not included inside the box though.

Unlike some of the Android tablets on the market that have a plasticky feel, the frame of the Eee Pad Transformer is made of aluminium which feels very solid with good durability that may withstand against knocks and drops. It has a 10.1-inch IPS multi-touch display that supports a resolution of 1280×800. There is a 1.3-megapixel front camera above the screen for users to do video conferencing.

On the left of the Eee Pad Transformer (if you hold it at the position whereby the webcam is above the display), you will find the power button and volume controls. However, there aren't any buttons or connectors to be found on the right.

There are three grooves at the bottom of the tablet which are designed to latch onto the optional keyboard dock. The middle unique connector is also used to fit the power cable provided for charging the tablet's battery.

At the rear is the 5-megapixel auto focus camera for users who want to take pictures. You can also use it to capture videos at high definition resolution.

Here we have a look at the optional keyboard dock. As you can see, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer can easily transform to look like a portable notebook or netbook PC (probably why it was named that way). The keyboard is chiclet-styled and there is a touchpad with buttons below it for navigating the cursor.

We spotted the unique power connector and USB port (concealed behind an attached flap) on the left of the keyboard dock. On the right of the keyboard dock is the SD memory card reader and another USB port. You can connect a Bluetooth or wireless dongle to connect to your wireless mouse if you prefer not to use the touchpad. There are no ports at the back of the dock.

While the optional keyboard dock is a useful addition to use with the tablet, latching the Eee Pad Transformer on it can be quite tedious to most users, if they are not familiar. There is a lock/release latch which is used to release the docked tablet or lock it to place. However, note that if you are going to dock the Eee Pad Transformer, you need to move it to the left, which is the unlock position. Otherwise, you will encounter a lot of difficulty trying to get the tablet to dock properly.

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