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Asus clears up the air, prices 4 GB RAM-packing Zenfone 2 at $285 in Taiwan

Several lower-end configurations are also available, including one with 720p screen resolution and 2 GB memory for sub-$160.

Asus Zenfone 2 prices

It could be overkill, as Samsung and HTC insinuate, sticking to 3 GB RAM on the Galaxy S6 and One M9, yet it’s a very desirable feature nonetheless. If anything, it may not be tremendously practical at the moment, but it guarantees you’re all set for future Android innovations and breakthroughs.

Who knows what smartphones will be capable of one or two years down the line, and the multitasking pinnacles they’ll reach? The Asus Zenfone 2 and LG G Flex 2 can stay poised while Google ushers in a new age of high-end mobile computing.

Both offer four whopping gigs of random-access memory, and one of them is ready for primetime. The Zenfone 2, which goes out in multiple contrasting variants. The priciest is NT$ 8,990 in Taiwan, or roughly US$ 285.

That’s slightly north of the most optimistic forecasts issued by tipsters on the heels of the handheld’s CES intro, but all’s well that ends well. Remember, some “insiders” made us believe the Zenfone 2 could cost as much as $400 in recent weeks. Which isn’t completely out of the question yet for US shores, although $300 is now clearly the safest bet. $350, worst case scenario.

Asus Zenfone 2

Meanwhile, if you can make do with half the record-setting RAM count, a 2 GB ZE551ML version saves you a cool $60 or so. Likewise equipped with a 1,080p 5.5-inch display and 32 GB internal storage as the numero uno Zenfone 2 model, this bad boy goes for NT$ 6,990 in the homeland of Asus.

The only other difference between the two is a 2.3 GHz Intel Atom Z3580 chip hums inside the costliest ZE551ML, whereas the lesser Zenfone comes fitted with a 1.8 GHz Atom Z3560.

The ZE550ML and ZE550CL are situated lower on the totem pole, with 5.5 and 5-inch 720p panels respectively, plus 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage for both. The former has a Z3560 processor at its core, and the latter swaps that thing in exchange for a 1.6 GHz Z2560. Prices? NT$ 5,990 and NT$ 4,990, or US$ 190 and US$ 158. So yeah, Asus is basically targeting the Galaxy S6 and Motorola Moto G with the same phone. Clever!

Sources: Chinese VR-Zone, WhatsOnTech

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