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Asus CEO announces $300, 7-inch Windows 8 tablets for the masses

According to Asus CEO, Jerry Shen, the company will be releasing 7 inch Windows 8 tablets this year. Shen believes that the tablets, which will sell for around $300, will be able to compete with higher priced Windows 8 slates on the market right now.

While the volume of Windows 8 tablets shipped in the first quarter of 2013 were disappointingly low, Shen has faith that 7-inch Windows tablets will increase sales, and allow Asus to successfully compete in the Windows tablet market.

Currently, Windows tablets are high priced devices targeting professionals rather than media consuming users of the of the Android and iOS segment, and are available as ten inch or larger slates. Microsoft, perhaps influenced by the poor success of its new products, recently decided update its desktop-tablet hybrid OS to accomodate 7-inch Windows tablets.

A Windows 8 Asus Transformer Book

Shen believes that thanks to this new decision, it will be able to sell $300 Windows tablets later this year, and that the price of Windows tablets may even drop below that. This is certainly competitive, compared to the current Windows 8 tablet offerings which average around $600-$700.

Also, considering the success of other small tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, consumers clearly aren't averted by smaller devices. Given this, and that the functionality of a Windows 8 tablet far exceeds that of a comparable Android device, a 7-inch Windows tablet doesn't seem like a bad idea.

Asus also announced today that the company sold three million tablets during the first quarter of 2013, which is nothing to sneeze at. Asus’s recent success and ambitions are signs that the company is having an influence in the ever-growing tablet market – maybe one powerful enough to help Windows 8 devices onto their feet.

Source: CNET

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