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Astronaut’s epic Space Oddity cover is back on YouTube

Chris Hadfield’s epic cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity is back on YouTube.

[youtube id=”KaOC9danxNo”]

The YouTube video, which has since garnered over 23 million views, had astronaut Chris Hadfield record a perfect rendition of Bowie’s Space Oddity while he was on the ISS.  Tag on the whole zero-G thing and we can all see why the world fell in love with Hadfield’s cover.

The Canadian Space Agency was only given a one year license to distribute the track, and after that it was yanked from YouTube.  Due to the video’s popularity, however, both parties have hashed out any legal concerns and Hadfield’s video has been given another two years on YouTube.

Hadfield, too, was extremely excited and took to his blog to announce the resurrection of his YouTube video.

There are still a lot of legal debates on how intellectual property (IP) laws should be governed in space.  For now, it appears that if ISS astronauts decide to take on the topic of IPs, they would have to subject themselves to dealing with the government responsible for the ISS modules that they’re in.  So if Hadfield had been in the Russian’s portion of the ISS, he would have to deal with Russian laws.

Space exploration is a hot topic, and with that comes all the legal debates.  The matter gets even more complicated when the vehicle of exploration is owned by a private company.

Source: Chris Hadfield h/t The Verge

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