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Asrock released “real AM3+” motherboards

Most motherboard manufacturers claim that their latest AM3 motherboards are AM3+ capable after a mere BIOS update. ASRock claims that this is not the case and claims that there are no less than six reasons to buy an ASRock "real AM3+ motherboard".

The company makes the 6 following claims regarding their new motherboards:

1. The new "black" AM3b CPU socket make you recognize the new AM3+ motherboard at the first sight! With the 11% bigger pin hole size, it can get rid of the possible mechanical mismatch when installing the CPU, and avoid the CPU pin-bent problem.

2. Thanks for the AM3+ MB 3.4 MHz Serial VID support, it provides faster link between CPU and power controller. Compare to the old AM3 MB 400 KHz link, the new AM3+ MB can support better power management & Power saving.

3. Not only meet AMD's requirements, the new AM3+ MB design provides efficient power supply up to 11.8% better CPU power saving. An added bonus will be its environment-friendly feature.

4. As we know, the lower CPU noise, the better system stability. When the system is at the same loading, the new AM3+ MB design improves the Vcore variation and reduces the CPU power noise up to 22%!

5. Compare to the old AM3 CPU only needs 110A current, the new AM3+ CPU needs higher 145A current! The New AM3+ MB can satisfy the demand of 32% higher current and get rid of any power shortage issue.

6. With the new C.C.R. (Combo Cooler Retention Module) design, the ASRock new AM3+ MB can get better cooling effect for CPU, memory and power components. According to our test result, it makes the CPU power choke 5.4 °C cooler! Besides, the C.C.R. is backward compatible with the old AM3 / AM2+ CPU cooler as well.

Source : ASRock

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