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ASB Glassfloor is the ultimate multi-sports surface

A lot of the rich and famous have indoor gyms that will make the masses jealous, but even these gyms don’t have floors that have built-in LED  lines that can change colors on the fly.  ASB Systembau GMBH, a German company, has developed a type of glass flooring that comes with programmable LED built-in.

Dubbed as the “ASB Glassfloor,” the glass flooring is reported to have similar elasticity and friction levels to a typical wooden floor.  The company claims that the glass material has to go through a series of ceramic treatment to achieve the “feel” necessary for playing sports.

The glass flooring is dulled to reduce the amount of reflection given off by the surface—a necessity considering it’s almost impossible to concentrate on dribbling a ball when all you want to do is look at yourself in the glass mirror.  An ASB company rep pointed out that the glass flooring’s reflection level is similar to that of a typical marble surface.

Tapes and paint on a regular gym floor remain static, but with the ASB Glassfloor the colors change according to the needs of its owner.  The floor color as well as the line positioning can change from one state to another.  For instance, if the floor is need for a basketball game, the lines will change to a basketball oriented fashion, and for a tennis match the lines will shift to the standard boundary rules.

This sort of flooring can significantly reduce the amount of work it takes to convert one sporting venue into another.  Of course the ABS Glassfloor has its limitations when it comes to which sports it can handle, but its potential in marketing and advertising is huge.  For example, if the floor is outfitted with enough programmable LEDs, owners can convert it into a huge floor monitor during a time out or break to play a commercial or message.

ASB Systembau is also pitching their glass flooring to venues like nightclubs.  Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to groove on the dance floor like you once did on the DDR dancing pad.

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