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Artbrew – A Smart Home Microbrewery

In this week’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’ we feature a Smart home brewery system that is sure to make any beer connoisseur’s taste buds jump with excitement. Introducing Artbrew, an automated craft brewing system that requires minimal labour to craft that prized golden elixir.

ArtBrew 2
Image Credit: Artbrew

Every apparatus you needed to brew beer, has been thought of and built into the Artbrew’s system. Artbrew brews beer in four simple steps, gather the materials, select type of beer from the library of recipes, add your ingredients accordingly into the system and start brewing! No fancy tubs, external kegs or additional components necessary – just a simple all-in-one system.

A vast library of craft beer recipes ranging from IPAs, Pilsners, Stout and a range of Ales can be found pre-installed in the Artbrew system. These recipes will periodically get a facelift. User-submitted, new and updated recipes by Artbrew’s very own certified beer sommelier will be updated on your Artbrew system via Wi-Fi.

ArtBrew Gif
Image Credit: Artbrew

After brewing (and enjoying your batch of goodness), cleaning up is also a breeze. The Artbrew has a self-cleaning function that with some fresh water, will clean itself up on its own – no scrubbing or cleaning action here.

There really isn’t anything non-Smart about the Artbrew, this is translated right down to the control you have with the system via its companion mobile application. As the Artbrew is built with state-of-the-art sensor systems that allows one to monitor brew time, phase, temperature and even gives you the option to modify temperature and time during the brewing phase.

Our only issue? It takes time to brew beer, one to three weeks to be exact.

ArtBrew 3
Image Credit: Artbrew

Availability and Price

Thinking about getting your hands on the Artbrew? Well, patience is much needed as it only starts fulfilling orders in September later this year. The basic Artbrew package that includes the machine, a mini keg, ingredients and its companion mobile application will set you back SG$703 (US$519).

Shipping rates are dependent on country. Shipping to USA, Taiwan, China, Canada, Macau and Hong Kong will set you back an additional SG$41 (US$30), while shipping to all other countries including Singapore comes at a flat rate of SG$109 (US$80).

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