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ARM: Cortex-A72 to offer Intel Core M (Broadwell) level performance


Earlier this year, ARM had announced the new Cortex-A72 core. It claimed the Cortex-A72 is the most powerful mobile SoC yet and delivers unprecedented levels of performance. The company has today shared more details on the Cortex-A72 core and claimed that Cortex-A72 will deliver performance more or less equivalent to Broadwell Intel Core M CPUs.



One of the issues that ARM has addressed with the Cortex-A72 core is sustained performance. As we have seen with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, the Cortex-A57 cores are not able to run at peak speeds for sustained periods of time. With Cortex-A72, ARM is claiming 750mW operation per core on 16FF+ at clock speeds of around 2.5GHz. It also released a slide that shows Cortex A-72 delivering around 1.5 times the performance of Cortex-A57 cores in various CPU benchmarks.


One of the slides compares the performance of Cortex-A72 with Broadwell Intel Core M chip. In most of the tests, Cortex-A72 clocked at 2.5GHz on 16nm seemed to outperform Intel Core M at 14nm. This does seem quite impressive but we would wait for actual real world comparisons before jumping to any conclusion just yet.


Talking about power efficiency, ARM claims Cortex-A72 uses 20% less power at 28nm for same workloads. Coupled with the Cortex-A53 power saving cores, power savings should rise further.

Source: ArsTechnica

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