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‘Arkham Origins’ will look gorgeous on PCs according to Nvidia

Nvidia and Warner Bros. are joining hands to make Batman : Arkham Origins on PC the most eye-popping version of the game.


PC users normally get the short end of the stick whenever a multiplatform game arrives on their preferred system. The perception is that developers don’t take advantage of the superior specs that a good gaming rig possesses. So if you’re one of those distraught PC gamers who are tired of all those watered-down console ports, take heart in the fact that at least someone is listening to your complaints.

Batman : Arkham Origins for the PC seems like it’s getting the royal treatment as far as graphics optimization is concerned, or at least, that’s the claim that Nvidia is making. Their website has revealed that the company is working on bringing some real eye-candy to Batman’s latest outing. Here’s what they had to say about what they’re bringing to the table.

“The NVIDIA Developer Technology Team has been working closely with WB Games Montréal to incorporate an array of cutting-edge NVIDIA gaming technologies including DirectX tessellation, NVIDIA TXAA antialiasing, soft shadows and various NVIDIA PhysX engine environmental effects, such as cloth, steam and snow. Combined, these technologies bring the intricately detailed worlds of Gotham to life,” a press release says.

Batman : Arkham Origins will be releasing on October 25th for the current crop of home consoles and the PC.

Source : Destructoid, Nvidia

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