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Are these leaked images the next iPhone 5S?

Any mention of the next apple iPhone always brings out fancy renderings and images that are claimed to be leaked prototypes of what we can expect. Today we got a few new images of a possible new look to the iconic iPhone but as always it is wise to take them with a grain of salt.

The above image is of the patent drawing that Apple applied for in regards to a future version of their iPhone, which comes to us courtesy of Patently Apple, and sports a wrap-around display; and probably caused more than a few iPhone fans to drool just a little bit.

Thanks to the team at GSM Arena, we have what are purported to be a couple of images of what the iPhone 5S is going to look like. If these are indeed images of what is coming our way, and this is a big if, then Apple will be making a major departure from the current hardware design of the iPhone.

Should these images prove to be true then the next iPhone is going to be thin, tall, and wider than the current iPhone as well as having a curved edge-to-edge screen. The curvature of the display is also carried through to the phone's rear panel.

When compared to the patent drawing you can see how this could very well be a possibility.  One of the problems, however, is that the "S" edition of the iPhone is usually an interim release, and something like this design change would typically come with a major point release.

A big thanks to GSM Arena for the images.

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