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Apple’s WWDC 2016 Highlights for iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS and macOS

The latest WWDC 2016 by Apple saw many exciting new upgrades to Apple’s software systems. Unlike the hardware components that Apple had failed to significantly enhance in the past few years, these software upgrades are substantial and impressive.

iOS 10

Credits: ios10news.com

The biggest announcement at WWDC was the iOS 10. Amongst the slew of new upgrades, the most significant one was perhaps the improvements made to Messages and Siri.

The new Messages will allow you to preview YouTube videos from Messages itself, type out text that can be replaced with emoticons automatically, and even alter the size of your chat bubbles to indicate whether you are “whispering” or “shouting”.

Siri can now help you reply messages on apps like WeChat and be integrated into 3rd party applications to bring you the true “smartphone” experience.

Your lockscreen also just got revolutionized, which rich and in-depth lockscreen notifications that can be manipulated using 3D Touch, which allows you to reply messages in-line right from the lockscreen.

WatchOS 3

Credits: t3

Out of all of watchOS 3’s coolest features, was “Instant Launch” that allows you to open up and load an app immediately once you tap on it.

Coming in as a close second, “Dock” is a sweet newcomer that lets you multi-task on the Apple Watch the way you do on your iPhone.  It also shows off a recent glance of the app, letting users get quick access to information. You can even pin certain apps on your dock for quick personalization and customization.

tvOS 10

Credits: MacWorld UK

Compared to iOS 10, tvOS 10 upgrades aren’t that impressive. Nevertheless, they are quite important.

The new tvOS will let you search movies by genre, from video streaming services like Netflix and iTunes.

Remote OS also looks like Siri Remote for the latest Apple TV and you can now use Siri on it and even play games if you wish.

Watching shows in the dark? You can get the much-needed “dark mode” that will dim Apple’s overly bright white background for a more pleasant viewing experience.

macOS Sierra

Credits: Venture Beat

OS X no more, Apple’s operating system is now called macOS and the upgrade packs a real punch.

The Auto Unlock feature allows us to quickly bypass the lock on our Macs without having to touch our keyboards, all through our Apple Watch, which reminds us slightly of Windows Hello that’s set to roll out pretty soon.

If you are totally integrated into the Apple ecosystem, you will be glad to hear about the Universal Clipboard, that lets you copy things from one Apple device to another in a jiffy.

MacBooks are great, but don’t tend to pack a tonne of storage space. With the Optimised Storage upgrade, your old files will be synced to the cloud, making more space for newer ones you need more urgently.

If you have tonnes of high-res images or movies, Apple believes your MacBook with 20GB of free space left can be expanded back to 150GB post-optimisation, which sounds pretty incredible to us.

Apple Pay isn’t just for phones, it’s for Mac as well. Whenever you use your iPhone to pay for things on-the-go, you will require some authentication by Touch ID also for your own security.

WWDC 2016 was most certainly very exciting for all Apple fans. The epic upgrades we saw aren’t just superficial ones to please the aesthetic-focused crowd, but fans looking for practical and functional solutions to their everyday Apple woes as well. Which of these features did you feel you needed the

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