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Apple’s purported indirect channel inventory snapshot hints at new MacBook Pro, cheaper iPad mini

A purported indirect channel inventory snapshot points towards the possibility of a new MacBook Pro lineup as well as existing iPad mini being offered at a relatively low price than its rumored Retina touting successor.


At its event on Tuesday, October 22, Apple is expected to make a number of announcements. The company is likely to launch a refreshed MacBook Pro lineup, fifth generation iPad with a new design and a Retina iPad mini. There has been much debate over the possibility of iPad mini 2 not having a Retina display, nothing is known for sure at this point in time, though many analysts are betting their money on a Retina display.

The data of the inventory snapshot comes from indirect channel inventory, which support resellers and retailers and not Apple’s own retail and online stores. As per the data, existing inventory of MacBook Pro and iPad 4 models has almost dried up. This is taken as an indicator of the fact that new inventory of upcoming models is just around the corner. For the Apple TV and existing iPad mini, its a completely different story. Apple TV inventory is said to be very high, meaning that its unlikely that the company is going to unveil a new set-top box next week. There’s considerable inventory of the iPad mini, which hints towards the possibility that Apple might continue to offer the existing model after launching the Retina touting one, presumably at a lower price.

Despite these indicators from indirect channel inventory, it can’t be said for sure exactly what Apple is going to unveil at its event. There’s still a big question mark over the next generation iPad mini having a Retina display, some analysts have expressed the view that the particular model can’t be launched this year due to severe supply constraints of Retina display panels.

Source: AppleInsider

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