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Apple’s next iPhone may use Sharp’s IGZO display technology

Sharp is struggling to maintain its foothold in the consumer tech industry, and IGZO might be part of the solution to the company's woes as Apple is considering using IGZO displays in the next installments of iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s next iPhone installment won’t be for a while, but that won’t stop ‘industry analysts’ and moles from stirring up rumors about what Apple may have in store for smartphone/tablet lovers in the coming months—or years.  Sharp’s IGZO display technology has been well documented in the press, and it seems like Apple may be pondering IGZO’s application in the next iPhone.

(Left: standard display, right: IGZO display | IMG: techjailbreak)

Many Japanese tech firms are struggling right now, and Sharp is no exception.  Despite its struggle, Sharp is still trying to maintain relevancy and IGZO is a testament to just that.  IGZO—Indium gallium zinc oxide—is purported to have forty times higher electron mobility than amorphous silicon, which allows it to have smaller pixels or a higher display reaction speed***.  Furthermore, Sharp claims that a device utilizing the IGZO display technology can be thinner and much more energy efficient. 

Digitimes is saying that Apple is currently discussing the possibility of using IGZO displays in the next iPhone (among other Apple mobile devices) with Sharp.  However, since the technology itself hasn’t matured in terms of yield rate, there is a high possibility that Sharp may not be able to meet demands this early in the game.  There is, however, talk of possible use of Taiwan’s AU Optronics L5C line to produce IGZO displays.  Innolux, another Taiwan-based firm, was recently granted license to produce IGZO displays, so this may also play role in whether or not Apple decides to go with IGZO in upcoming products.

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