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Apple’s new set-top box will be accompanied by a Wii-like motion sensing remote

Casual gamers will love this.


If all of the recent reports are anything to go by then it seems that come September 9 we will be seeing Apple unveil a new Apple TV set-top box at its event in California. It has been a couple of year since a truly new set-top box was launched by Apple so there’s a lot of excitement regarding this one, even though Apple has not confirmed anything officially about the product yet some details have leaked online.

A new report reveals that the next-generation Apple TV features an all new remote control that’s a bit bigger and thicker than the existing Apple TV remote. It’s also said to have physical buttons on the bottom half, a touchpad at the top and a Siri microphone. Much of this has already been reported in the past but there’s one new detail that has surfaced now which is likely to appeal to casual gamers.

Apparently the new remote will be like those motion sensing Nintendo Wii remotes, featuring several axis’ worth of sensors that make gaming a breeze on the big screen. The possibilities with this technology will be limitless, not only can motion sensing be used for gaming it can also be used in several other features that can be added to the set-top box.

Apple is conducting an event on September 9th and it’s likely going to unveil the new Apple TV there.

Source: TechCrunch

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