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Apple’s medical experts conclude working conditions at Pegatron’s factory didn’t cause deaths

Commenting on recent reports of deaths at manufacturing partner Pegatron’s factory, Apple’s medical experts have reached a conclusion.

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Apple’s manufacturing partners in China have long been criticized for alleged labor violations. Foxconn, Apple’s largest partner, has been criticised a lot particularly after worker suicides in 2010. Pegatron, which manufactures the iPhone 5C, is alleged to make workers work overtime without extra pay. It has also been in news recently due to several unexplained deaths of workers at the factory that manufactures iPhone 5C units in Shanghai. Concerns related to alleged labor violations have grown further since an underage worker at the plant died last month.

While Pegatron did say that the underage worker was employed, he had used a fake ID to get a job, the manufacturer was adamant that working conditions at its factory didn’t cause the worker’s death. In a statement provided to Reuters today, Apple reveals that the team of independent medical experts it sent from the U.S. to conduct an investigation of that particular Pegatron factory has concluded that there is no evidence that working conditions have caused the deaths, though the company says it realizes that this news is “of little comfort to the families who have lost their loved ones.”

Pegatron said in a statment that it works with health and safety experts to provide a safe working working evironment for all workers. Apple reiterated its commitment to providing a safe workplace for all workers in its supply chain, and said that it has a team working with Pegatron to ensure that its conditions meet Apple’s standards.

Source: Reuters

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