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Apple’s latest notebooks dump Windows 7 support in Boot Camp

Better move on to a newer version of Windows.


Mac OS X is a pretty great operating system and it can give Windows a run for its money. However Windows enjoys a greater footprint around the world given the fact that Microsoft licenses its operating system while Apple does not. Only Apple makes machines powered by OS X while anybody can pay for a Windows license and use the OS in their own device.

When it comes down to software support Windows is the clear winner. This is why Apple allows its users to install the rival operating system through Boot Camp. However if you’re planning on downloading Windows 7 on Boot Camp on the new Retina MacBook or the new Air and Pro models from Apple then you’re out of luck.

These machines no longer have support for Windows 7 in Boot Camp. People who want to use Boot Camp on these notebooks will have to switch to Windows 8 or higher whether they like it or not.

Support for Windows 7 has already been dropped in Boot Camp for 2013 Mac Pro. Clearly this shows that Apple is going to stick with this trend so if running Windows is a priority for you, you will be better off by opting for Windows 8 or higher.

Source: Apple

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