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Apple’s iPhone 11 Event Goes Live 1 AM SGT, 11 Sept. Here’s What To Expect

The hype and hoopla surrounding Apple’s upcoming September 10 launch widely expected to detail the iPhone 11 phones can be deafening. In just a few hours’ time, swathes of the iOS loyal will catch a glimpse of the company’s next mobile devices – the large majority of them bound to an annual upgrade.

We reviewed iOS 13, now coming out of beta. Apple’s latest mobile OS contains features expected to ship with the iPhone 11 series, although several additional ones might also slip in surreptitiously after launch.

We won’t spend a second more on iOS 13 (you can read it in the embedded link above), but will instead focus on the last-minute leaks and rumours surrounding the iPhone 11 devices.

What iPhone 11 Won’t Have

A last-minute update by analyst Ming-chi Kuo dashed all hopes for Pencil support and bilateral charging (where the iPhone can wirelessly charge 2nd Generation AirPods or other iPhones).

There were also early indications that the iPhone 11 phones will still stick to Lightning, not USB-C. 3D Touch also might not be carried over, with low adoption rates and high implementation costs being cited reasons for its absence.

The new iPhones will instead have Haptic Touch, the alternative used on the iPhone XR which uses press duration instead of pressure to trigger features.

What iPhone 11 Will Have

USB-C aficionados might be lamenting, but at least the iPhone 11 is expected to ship with a faster 18W USB-C (to be used with a USB-C to Lightning cable, presumably) charger that is shipped with the USB-C-equipped 2018 iPads Pro. The successor to the iPhone XR will, however, be stuck with the regular 5W brick.

A triple-camera array will also be expected to make a debut for the 2019 flagship iPhones, with a wide-normal-telephoto configuration.

As with previous iPhone launches, Apple’s super tight-lipped approach to product launches mean that surprises will abound during the launch slated to take place on September 10 at 10 a.m. PDT (September 11, 1 a.m. SGT).

You can watch the live telecast at the embedded YouTube player below or at this link.

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