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Apple’s iPad Air undergoes teardown, unsurprisingly found to be hard to repair

Apple’s iPad Air has been ripped apart by the teardown specialists over at iFixit, and the results aren’t the least bit surprising.


As is expected of any Apple product, the iPad Air was found to be quite hard to repair, scoring just two out of 10 points in repairability. The front glass and LCD are separate components, making future replacements an easier task; however, the battery has been fit in with a lot of adhesive, making it one of the most “difficult battery removal procedures to date,” though thankfully it isn’t soldered to the logic board, one of the few good things iFixit has to say about the device.

The full teardown can be found at the source link, which as usual contains a detailed list of components used inside the iPad (hint: a lot of those are shared with the iPhone 5s). Repairing Apple’s most powerful and thinnest tablet yet might be an exercise in hair-tearing frustration, but then again, it’s not like that’s going to be coming in the way of sales for the Cupertino company.

Source: iFixit

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