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Apple’s iOS 7 lacks design consistencies and identity says expert

Apple’s new iOS 7 is making headlines across the web, but whether or not you like the new user interface, iOS 7 is here to stay.  Critiques from users without a background in graphics design will stand as just another opinion, but the ones from true professionals might be more enlightening.


In an interview with Forbes, David Yun, a graduate of Yale’s School of Art and a professor of graphics design at Columbia University, called into question Apple’s execution in developing the new interface.  Apple clearly wanted to shift away from skeuomorphism and adapt a more modern-like interface.  In doing so, however, Yun states that “[Apple] degraded one of their best assets… an interface that is uniquely, solely, unmistakably Apple.”


Many have drawn comparison of Apple’s new iOS design to that of Google’s Android platform by saying that Apple is, more or less, copying Google.

Moreover, Yun also says that Apple’s iOS 7 design team may have not been on the same page during the makeover process.

“For instance, while the design of the Calendar app icon is minimal and modernist, the Settings icon makes me think a steampunk designer was freelancing that day at Apple,” said Yun.

Despite these criticisms, Yun admits that the new design “has a lot less to do with the design community and more to do with the constant drive to sell new products.”  While Apple’s intention of revamping iOS is valid from a business perspective, it does seem like the overall execution of the new design lacks the ‘Apple’ signature that have defined the Cupertino company for the past several years.

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