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Apple’s internet TV service might be delayed

Probably because Apple is after local TV stations too.

Apple TV box

It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an internet TV streaming service of its own, many believed that the company will at least preview the service at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 next month before it’s set up for release later in the fall. If a new report is to be believed then that might not happen as it’s said that the Apple internet TV streaming service has been delayed.

Why has it been delayed? Apparently the company wants to include local TV stations in the service as well. This will allow Apple to differentiate its new TV streaming service from the rest, so that users always have the option to switch to local channels when they’re done with on-demand content.

The reason why this could bring about a delay is because negotiations are believed to be tricky and Apple needs more time to get local TV stations on board. Many broadcasters don’t own their local stations so Apple has to deal with middlemen or negotiate with holding companies and all of this takes time.

So from the looks of it, Apple won’t be making any announcements related to its internet TV streaming service next month at WWDC 2015, where it’s also expected to unveil a new music streaming service as well as new versions of both iOS and OS X.

Source: Re/code

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