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Apple’s hot streak continues as iPhone 6 pair tops 20 million sales

The number is merely a guesstimate, but fairly reliable data seems to uphold it.

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Following a raging box-office start, which saw its largest iPhones to date obliterate opening weekend records despite the 5.5-inch model being hard to come by, Apple appeared to stumble into predicament after predicament.

For one thing, the production pickles of the “iPhablet” are still very much real and causing an unexpected tipping of the balance in favor of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 version. On paper, Cupertino’s inability to satisfy iPhone 6 Plus demand should also keep Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 in contention, although the Android kings can’t be overly optimistic.

Back to Apple’s multiple crises, #bendgate probably hit them the hardest, and initial iOS 8 glitches certainly didn’t help instill confidence in the quality and stability of products offered. Or so we presumed, because judging by numbers crunched up by Fiksu and Mixpanel and then summed up by Forbes, it’s like nothing ever happened.

Nothing bad, nothing damaging, nothing to at least make prospective buyers hold off their purchases. No sir, and total iPhone 6 + 6 Plus sales are now estimated at over 21 million. Of course, since it took the pair just 72 hours to hit 10 mil, adding 11 on top of that in two weeks doesn’t sound inherently impressive.

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But it is, when considering opening weekend sales actually include pre-orders, not only purchases made in the limited 3-day timeframe. Also, keep in mind the world’s largest smartphone market is yet to receive the two new iPhones, and the 6 Plus merely posted 4 million unit sales thus far, due to various component shortages.

Speaking of China, pre-orders with ten days to go until the big launch are approximated at north of 5 million, which is incredibly close to combined figures of the first ten countries the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus saw daylight in.

Meanwhile, the “standard” 4.7-inch variation might be heavily outpacing big bro on a global scale, yet in China there’s a near-perfect 50/50 split between the two, which is more illustrative of real demand and preference.

Bottom line, if Cupertino can put manufacturing hiccups behind it, the daring 80 million goal set for 2014 could not only be attained, it may well be crossed and considerably surpassed until Santa Claus comes to town. Bendgate scandal? What Bendgate scandal?

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