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Apple’s CarPlay gets a big push from third party receivers

Third party receivers are a way to use CarPlay in vehicles that don’t have it built in. 


Three high-end car manufacturers will be the first to install Apple’s CarPlay in their new vehicles.

This feature was previously known as iOS in the Car. It essentially offers a special dashboard for drivers who plug in their iPhone through which they can control vital functions. CarPlay was finally activated with iOS 7.1 which was released a few weeks back.

Apple says that CarPlay has been designed to give drivers a “smarter, safer and more fun way to use iPhone in the car.” It has been designed from the ground up to link the iPhone to the car. Users will be able to access voice navigation through Siri, and even get the system to read out text messages, take dictation for replies as well as speak out directions and notifications. Ferrari, Mercedes and Volvo will be the first auto manufacturers to put CarPlay support in their new vehicles.

But that doesn’t mean anyone who wishes to use CarPlay is going to have to buy a new car. While the in-dash systems in the new cars will come with CarPlay support, interested users will also be able to pick up third party receivers that support the feature. Pioneer is the first company to add support. The 2014 NEX series with receivers ranging from $700 to $1400 will receive support for CarPlay through a software update this summer. Apple has confirmed the same. Moreover Alpine is also said to be working on CarPlay-supported receivers of its own.

Apple is known for strictly controlling hardware and software but it may not have that luxury as far as cars are concerned. Competing services are already being developed by Google and Microsoft so it would make sense why Apple would want to be first to the market.

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