Apple has lowered the price of the MacBook Air while boosting its performance and storage. It boasts twice the CPU performance and up to 80% faster graphics performance and now starts with a base 256GB storage.

MacBook Air with Retina Display
The new MacBook Air 2020. Image: Apple

Starting at SGD 1,449, the Apple is targetting students with the MacBook Air with an education exclusive price of SGD 1,229 for eligible students, teachers and faculty members.

This price reduction of around S$150 follows a major cut in July 2019, which had already brought the price down by S$200 from SGD 1,799, which was the price of the MacBook Air when it was first revamped in 2018 after years of silence.

Although it keeps much of the 2018 revamped form factor, it packs quad-core processors for the first time. The latest 10th-generation Intel Core CPUs are paired with enhanced but still-integrated graphics, and Apple boasts that the MacBook Air can support video editing and gaming.

Gaming on the MacBook Air
The new MacBook Air 2020. Image: Apple

A revamped “Magic Keyboard” that debuted on the 16-inch MacBook Pro will return on the laptop. It will provide a generous 1mm of key travel while avoiding tricky keyboard issues Apple had experienced with its Butterfly switches.

The device will be available with up to 2TB of storage and with Apple’s proprietary T2 Security Chip that guards Touch ID login information, protects the boot sequence and encrypts data stored on the SSD.

The Magic Keyboard on the MacBook Air
The Magic Keyboard on the MacBook Air 2020. Image: Apple

With the new hardware, the 2020 MacBook Air supports up to a 6K external display via Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The Apple MacBook Air 2020 will be available for order on the Apple website soon. Additional information can be found here.

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