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It has been getting harder to remain optimistic about Apple’s products. Over the past year, design issues with the MacBook’s new butterfly key mechanisms have been acknowledged along with an admission that the company has been throttling iPhone performance on older models. Exclusive and exorbitant, a tide of media dissatisfaction has swept the Apple world, drawing attention to plain ridiculous repair terms, amongst other flaws and injustices.

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With all the apologies and damage control the tech giant has had to dole out over the past months, it seems that its fate rests on the spate of product launches projected to occur Fall 2018. A new design of the butterfly mechanism, perhaps?

Ming-Chi Kuo, reputable and prolific Apple analyst based out of TF International Securities, had earlier given a glimpse of what the new 2018 line-up of iPhones may look like. In his most recent report picked up by 9to5Mac, the analyst suggests the other updates end users and investors can expect from Apple in the last quarter of 2018.

Complete Macintosh Refresh

Kuo’s predictions point toward a complete refresh of the company’s personal computing line, which most notably affects the Mac Mini (not updated since 2014), and the MacBook Air (chassis not updated since 2010). While we can expect 8th Gen Intel Core processor upgrades amongst other internal upgrades on the rest of the Macintosh family, which include the Mac Mini, MacBook, and desktop iMac, the MacBook Air might be completely replaced by a new budget offering.

There’s no news regarding if the fatally-flawed butterfly keyboard mechanisms of the new MacBooks will be addressed, but we expect it to return in Apple’s latest release, guaranteed under an umbrella promise of free replacements. The company’s promise of free replacements, however, has been disputed by some prominent tech reviewers.

Refreshed iPhone X: Bigger, Cheaper, Still Notched

Expectations for Apple’s smartphone line had been delineated by Kuo in an earlier report, which suggests a myriad of colour offerings across three models. Apart from a refreshed iPhone X with a similarly-sized OLED 5.8″ display, we are to expect a larger 6.5″ OLED model priced around USD1,000 and a smaller and cheaper 6.1″ LCD model at around USD700.

All 2018 models are anticipated to sport the defining (and controversial) iPhone X notch, which might just bring with it an updated version of Face ID.

iPads fit for 2018

Apple’s line of tablets has remained vaguely similar in form since the first iPad released in 2010. This year, we might see the iPad lose its home button, and gain Apple’s Face ID unlock feature, just like we have observed on the iPhone X.

The iPad line-up is also expected to feature slimmer-than-ever bezels, which might be an issue for hand-held operation. Kuo also projects a launch of a refreshed 12.9-inch and an 11-inch model.

Much-Anticipated Apple AirPower Finally Made Available

With its latest devices gaining the ability to charge wirelessly on the widely-available Qi standard, Apple’s answer to the ubiquitous wireless charging mat has been open to much speculation and expectation. With this year’s launch, owners of multiple compatible Apple devices will rejoice – AirPower gives users the ability to wirelessly charge all their handheld Apple mobile gadgets on their nightstand, no sweat.

AirPods Get Wireless Charging, Too.

Some speculators were optimistic that Apple’s famed wireless earbuds, the AirPods will receive an upgrade that would bring active noise cancellation and comprehensive waterproofing. However, it is more likely that the AirPods will just receive a simple update to render it compatible with its upcoming desktop/bedside AirPower charging mat.

Apple Watch Comes In New Sizes

Coming in both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch’s form factor has been rather well received. However, following trends in the smartwatch industry where screens have been growing larger, the Apple Watch might see the smaller 38mm model sport a 1.57mm display up from its 1.5mm one, and the 42mm device upgraded from its 1.65mm screen to a 1.78mm one.



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