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Apple working on fix for random reboots on iOS 7

Apple has confirmed that it is working on a fix for the random reboots some users have been facing on iOS 7.

iOS 7 brought a major revamp to Apple’s popular operating system, but like any software update, it also brought a few issues. The most notable, and irritating, of these is a bug that soft reboots the phone, dubbed the “white/black screen of death” (depending on the color of the iPhone.) The glitch occurs usually when a device’s battery level goes below 30 percent and has reportedly plagued all iPhones running on iOS 7, but it’s a glitch that will be fixed in the next update to the OS, according to Apple.

Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller told Mashable: “We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.” Muller apparently didn’t mention whether the fix would be included in a minor update or in iOS 7.1, the first major update to iOS 7 that is expected to arrive sometime in March – two months is a long time to be stuck with random reboots, so hopefully the Cupertino giant will be able to sneak in a 7.0.5 update in the coming weeks.

Source: Mashable

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