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Apple will reportedly sell straps for the Apple Watch separately

Customers will be able to mix and match according to their own personal style.


With each passing day we come closer to the Apple Watch release. The company has already confirmed that this product will start shipping in April 2015. Even though a proper release date has not yet been announced it is highly unlikely that the release will be delayed beyond this point.

Apple has only shown its first smartwatch in pre-assembled collections despite the fact that we know it would be possible to swap out the straps on this device. Many have wondered whether Apple is going to sell straps separately from the get go or whether it will make customers for a considerable amount of time before it offers the straps on their own.

According to a new report the company will have straps in stock from day one which would allow customers to opt for the ones they like, thus being able to mix and match, and ensure that the smartwatch suits their personal style. It hasn’t been said so far how much the company is going to charge for these individual straps.

The basic Apple Watch Sport models start from $349, that’s much higher than rival smartwatches, but then again Apple is positioning this product as more of a fashion accessory. The company is also going to sell an 18K gold touting version of this device, the Apple Watch Edition, which many expect to cost more than $5000.

Source: 9to5Mac

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