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Apple Watch US orders reportedly circling 2.5 million units to date

With a staggering 1.4M posted the very first day of availability, Cupertino must have hoped for a substantially higher number five weeks later.

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Let’s get one thing straight off the bat. No matter how the Apple Watch truly fared at the box-office in its debut month on (digital) store shelves, and how it holds up over the next year, describing it as a smash hit or disappointing lemon mostly depends on perspective.

Compared with recent-generation iPhones, it’s likely going to be a dud. But taking its experimental nature into account and pitting it against fellow fledgling wearables may radically change that outlook.

Apple Watch orders

Case in point, the newest sales estimate provided by online shopping research firm Slice Intelligence. 2.5 million. Mind you, they’re not talking shipped Apple Watches, but merely units ordered via the manufacturer’s American e-outlet between April 10 and May 18.

Of the 2.5 mil, over a half were purportedly “bought” on April 10, when pre-orders kicked off. Immediately after, demand not only plateaued, it nose-dived, falling under 100,000 the next day. It didn’t take long for things to settle down, but unfortunately for Apple, sales stabilized at roughly 30,000.

From April 13, the sole noteworthy spike came 11 days later, when the Apple Watch started to ship to early adopters, scoring some much needed free publicity and decent word of mouth. However, the temporary upsurge was all in all minor and, worst of all, well, temporary.

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Nowadays, Slice claims the iPhone-compatible intelligent timepiece is struggling to even rack up 20K daily bookings, although once the “iWatch” becomes readily available in brick and mortar stores, it should regain a smidge of form.

Impossible to predict the exact upswing and how long it might persist, but at the end of the day, this market analyst essentially leans towards KGI’s long-term projections rather than Morgan Stanley’s overly optimistic forecast. Still something to put a smile on Tim Cook’s face when correlated to Android Wear’s tepid reception.

Source: Quartz

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