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Apple Watch US demand tumbles to distressing levels in June

Already reported as somewhat underwhelming back in May, the American sales of the “iWatch” have further dropped into serious headache-inducing territory.


Very few market analysts or industry pundits deem the Apple Watch a blockbuster, but probably Slice Intelligence’s data paints Cupertino’s rookie wearable effort the bleakest picture yet. Based on e-receipts across the US, the digital commerce tracking firm estimates the gizmo’s daily scores have circled 20,000 units early last month, falling dangerously close to the 10k mark and occasionally, even below the humble figure more recently.

Let’s assume the 10 thou or so pace can be retained through the year’s end, which is obviously a tricky objective. In six months, the world’s most popular intelligent timepiece would add around 1.8 million unit sales to its April – June tally of 3M+, according to one of Slice’s previous stories and our own (shady) math.

Apple Watch US sales

Disheartening results? Perhaps, but don’t forget foreign countries aren’t included in these measurements, and separate forecasts put the Apple Watch on track for global shipments of 10.5 mil in H2 2015 alone.

Bottom line, we wouldn’t read too much into one particular analysis outfit’s market evaluations and the seemingly vexing trend. Who knows what marketing aces Tim Cook holds up his sleeve to turn things around? Can you say price cuts? Independence-enhancing software updates, maybe? Early sequel launches?

Speaking of, it might be smart of Apple to focus first and foremost on a follow-up to the “low-cost” Sport version, which allegedly outsells the more “premium” Watch and Watch Edition by a landslide. Luxury isn’t what you do best, Cupertino, is what consumers appear to be signaling.

Sources: MacRumors, MarketWatch

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