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Apple Watch second-gen could include a FaceTime camera and greater autonomy


As Apple celebrates the success of its first smartwatch the Apple Watch, rumors about the second-gen model have surfaced today, courtesy of reliable source 9To5Mac.

Among the highlights of the next Apple Watch model will be a FaceTime video camera, greater autonomy, and new premium models with more advances bands that are expected to cost upwards of $1,000.

According to 9To5Mac sources, Apple is looking at integrating a FaceTime camera into the top bezel of the smartwatch, allowing users to make and receive FaceTime calls from the device. As demonstrated by Apple at WWDC earlier this month, the new watchOS 2.0 will allow users to receive FaceTime calls directly on the watch and also choose if they wish to receive the call on their iPhone or reject it.

The Apple Watch 2 could also gain greater autonomy over the current model. With the ‘tether-less’ initiative, users will be able to use the Apple Watch 2 as an independent device, without needing to tether to an iPhone all the time. By integrating a Wi-Fi chip into the Apple Watch 2, Apple could allow users to access and use various functions such as text messaging, Email, and weather data directly on the device. The Find my Watch feature will also be able to track your watch using a Wi-Fi router triangulation technology instead of GPS on the current model.

Unfortunately, Apple believes that the battery life of the current model is more than satisfactory for most users, so battery life is not going to see much of an improvement with the new model. Apple’s research apparently indicates that the average consumer finishes their day with around 30% battery charge remaining on their Apple Watch.

Source: 9To5Mac

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