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Apple Watch sales projections trimmed to 10.5M for H2 2015, 21 mil next year

Yet another financial analyst presents a fairly somber “iWatch” outlook while estimating shipments so far at much higher levels than recently measured.

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At long last available in US retail stores, as well as a handful of new markets, Cupertino’s rookie wearable effort is reportedly doing better at the global box-office than the original iPhone. By a landslide.

Still, many expected the Apple Watch to match the mainstream popularity of later iPhones, which was clearly unrealistic, given how nichey and gimmicky intelligent timepieces on the whole feel. Not to mention their unhealthy dependence of handhelds.

Overall, it should come as no surprise “only” around 5.5 million copies have purportedly been dispatched to early adopters through June 27. In fact, that was apparently roughly Apple’s target to this point, since pre-orders began April 10 and actual sales a couple of weeks later.

Apple Watch

Besides, the 2.5M score posted back in May stateside in a separate report and the declining demand suggested 5 mil was a pretty distant milestone. Now, Brad Hargreaves from Pacific Crest Securities believes an additional 10.5 million units will be moved in Q3 and Q4, which would marginally fall below previous expectations of 11M.

Distressing popularity drop? Pundits certainly seem to think so, further adjusting 2016 sales forecasts from 24 to 21 million Apple Watches. But you should never, ever take long-term market “analysis” very seriously.

It’s basically (educated) guesswork at play, and Hargreaves doesn’t even mention if his projection for next year covers squarely the first-gen iOS-compatible wearable, or its looming successor as well. Because if it’s the former, a tally north of 20M during a second year in stores would be outstanding.

Meanwhile, if it’s the latter, how about we wait and see what upgrades and alterations Apple has in the pipeline before jumping to rash conclusions?

Source: New York Post

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