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Apple Watch patent could allow file transfers with just a handshake


Apple has come up with a great idea that could allow people to transfer data between their Apple Watches with simple gestures such as handshake, fist bump, or a bow.

The Cupertino based company recently filed a patent that will make it possible. This no doubt sounds very cool but can also be quite handy considering the fact that wearables come with tiny displays which make it quite difficult to navigate the UI. The wearables (Apple Watches) will be able to recognize the gestures with the help of built-in gyroscope and other sensors.


It will also utilize wireless connections such as NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to accurately judge the proximity between two users. You don’t have to be at close range for the data transfer to work, it could also work when users wave or salute each other from a distance. This feature could also allow you to transfer data between your Apple Watch and an Apple iPhone.

Source: Patently Apple

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