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Apple Watch opening weekend sales projected at 1 million, 8M by 2015’s end

Yet another market watcher and financial analyst predicts a slow start to “iWatch” demand, with shipments unlikely to dramatically pick up before the year wraps up.

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Ever since Cupertino (vaguely) announced its rookie wearable effort last fall, it’s been raining bleak sales forecasts. Heck, a few self-proclaimed pundits and clairvoyant data crunchers anticipated the flop ahead of the actual product’s confirmation.

But all in all, it’s not really fair to expect the same record-setting results from the Apple Watch as recent iPhone installments. Samsung hasn’t turned their Gears into Galaxy S-rivaling box-office hits (not even close), and Motorola may have exceeded 360 expectations, but only because they were oh-so humble.

Of course, the late arrival, extravagant pricing, staggering functionality shortage and tedious design don’t help the iCause one bit. Which is why it’s perhaps pleasantly surprising after all 1 million copies are tipped to go out to eager buyers during the iOS-compatible timepiece’s first weekend around.

Apple Watch-2

Sure, 1 mil is a lot less than the 10M sales posted by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in their 72-hour launch window. But it’s still a one followed by six zeroes, so a $350 million haul at the very least. In contrast, Android Wear manufacturers sold a grand total of 720K smartwatches during the whole of 2014. Or, you know, the half a year or so they were distributed via various Google-endorsed retail channels.

Clearly, gauging the popularity or lack thereof of the Apple Watch is a matter of perspective, at least if Gene Munster’s (educated) guesses pan out. The Piper Jaffray managing director and senior research analyst says sales will reach 2.3 million by June, 8 mil in overall 2015, and between 40 and 50M before the end of 2017.

Otherwise put, these wrist-worn contraptions should bring in $4.4 billion revenue by December 31, 2015, which is a measly 2 percent of Apple’s sum earnings for the year. Good or bad? The beginning of a beautiful revolution or the abrupt finish of unjustified hopes? Feel free to voice your opinions below.

Sources: Business Insider, Apple Insider

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