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Apple Watch might be Jony Ive’s last project at the company

There is speculation that the design guru might leave Apple.

Sir Jonathan Ive is Apple’s design chief and every single product the company churns out shows his design genius. Ive is considered instrumental in Apple’s success since the company’s products are renowned around the globe for their impressive build materials and designs. It is safe to say that Apple will lose a very talented man if and when Ive leaves the company and recently there has been speculation that the Apple Watch might have been his last project for Cupertino.

The New Yorker recently did a lengthy profile on Jony Ive and when he talks about the Apple Watch he lists members of the team that helped him with this project. This hasn’t been the norm at Apple. Previously whenever product design came into question Ive was the poster child, plus there was little or no talk of other members in the design team, this shift seen in the profile is considered by some as a farewell speech of sorts where Ive thanks his fellow team members for contributing to the design of the Apple Watch.

Furthermore the profile who touches upon the possibility that Ive’s additional responsibilities, like the iOS 7 redesign, might have prevented him from leaving the company earlier. However as per CEO Tim Cook, Ive has loved being a part of Apple and has equal regard for all their products.

When approached with the possibility that Apple’s hiring of Marc Newson might ease up things for his eventual departure from Apple, Ive discouraged the idea, and besides Newson hasn’t been given as concrete a role in design as Ive currently has.

Both Apple and Jony Ive won’t say outright what the future holds for the design guru. Recent reports suggest he and the design team are working on Apple’s all electric self-driving car. On the other hand there’s speculation that he may leave the company. It really can’t be said for sure at this stage what the future holds for Sir Jonathan Ive.

Source: The New Yorker

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