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Apple Watch may require you to ‘charge nightly’

The battery life might not be something to write home about.


The proverbial cat is now finally out of the bag. Apple Watch was formally unveiled on September 9th. The company spent nearly half an hour talking about the smartwatch’s various features and functions. It didn’t take long for people to notice that Apple wasn’t talking about the battery life. Those who want to purchase a smartwatch are often most concerned about how long the battery can last on a single charge, and despite is glowing descriptions of everything that the Apple Watch can do, Apple has left us in the dark about its battery life.

Many tried to get some information about the battery life but Apple executives are adamant that they will not be sharing any more details about the smartwatch at this point in time. The company isn’t commenting on questions about the smartwatch’s battery life on a single charge nor it has revealed that precise battery capacity that its first wearable device has.

Before the Apple Watch was even announced there were rumors that perhaps the company’s engineers aren’t happy with the device’s battery performance. Rumor has it that Apple has certain modifications in mind that it wants to try out between now and the Apple Watch’s eventual release in early 2015 to improve the battery life.

An Apple spokeswoman did not given an estimate of the battery life when asked but did say that in a normal use case scenario users will “charge nightly.” It could be taken as a hint that the Apple Watch may not last beyond one full day on a single charge.

Does the thought of dismal battery bother you or do you think that its not an issue since many wearable devices these days are more or less plauged by the same problem? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Re/Code

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