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Apple Watch may not impress with its battery life


The Apple Watch is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited smartwatch launches of the year. Announced at Apple’s Keynote in September last year, the Apple Watch is expected to go on sale in a few weeks’ time. A new report published by 9To5Mac recently gives us some new information on the first Apple smartwatch, including its estimated battery life.

According to 9To5Mac sources, the Apple Watch may not be very impressive in terms of battery life. Apple is reportedly targeting one full day of usage with a mix of active and passive use. For active applications, 2.5 to 4 hours is the target, while 19 hours is what Apple has been aiming for with a combination of active and passive use. As for standby time, Apple is targeting 3 days of pure standby time or 4 days under sleep model. However, the sources claim that Apple may not be able to meet its target and the Apple Watch is likely to provide a maximum of 2-3 days standby in standby or low-power modes.

Apple has been testing out the battery life of the Apple Watch with the bundled as well as third party applications. Under heavy usage, for example playing games, you can expect to see a maximum battery life of up to 2.5 hours.

The report also gives us new details on the chipset that Apple is using on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch reportedly runs on the Apple S1 chip that is similar to the Apple’s A5 chip in terms of performance. The A5 chip is used on the 5th generation iPod Touch and was also used on the Apple iPhone 4s. As for software, the Apple Watch runs a barebones iOS version that has been codenamed SkiHill by Apple.

Apple is also perfecting the MagSafe-based inductive charging tech for the Watch. However, the charging method seems to be working slower than expected, taking a relatively long time for recharging the Apple Watch. It is expected that the issue may be fixed by the time Apple Watch goes on sale and two version of the charger will be available – one with plastic construction and the other made of stainless steel.

Source: 9To5Mac



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