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Apple Watch to enter production in January, February launch now unlikely

You can forget about getting your special someone an Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day next year, or at least easily procuring an “iWatch” in time, as the wearable piece will barely start mass production in January, according to speculation out of Taiwan.

Apple Watch

Rumors may be a dime a dozen nowadays in regards to the formally introduced but not commercially available Apple Watch. They say you’ll need to charge the gizmo “nightly”, which sounds awfully uncomfortable, and the spec sheet allegedly includes all the basics, nothing more.

You know, 512 MB RAM, a dual-core processor of unknown make and model, 4 GB internal storage space, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, your choice of two case sizes, with equally modest screen resolution, and AMOLED display technology taking LCD’s place.

Then you have all the retail cost gossip, welcomed and encouraged by Apple with very vague starting price information, and finally, the biggest, most paramount piece of the puzzle: availability. No one knows for sure when is the Apple Watch to begin selling, and what quantities should we expect to be up for grabs off the bat.


Bottom line, the iWatch may well have never “gone official”, as it seems we have more questions than answers anyway. Luckily, “sources in the know” from Taiwan are gracious enough to share some of their wealth of inside intel, pegging the iOS wearable for a mass production takeoff in a couple of months.

You’d think general February availability is thus automatically out of the question, but maybe Cupertino is planning a gradual rollout, on account of the Watches being too difficult to produce in bulk. That’s merely a guess, mind you, but Apple Daily Taiwan says February is still eyed as the device’s (limited) sales dawn, and clearly, one single month isn’t enough for an extensive manufacturing run.

Not when Tim Cook & co. are squarely relying on Taiwan-based Quanta Computer for designing and putting all the Apple Watch pieces together. Sounds bad, I know, but keep in mind this is a collection of speculation, guesswork and… more speculation. Sure, it’s plausible, but nowhere near official and etched in stone.

Sources: G for Games, Apple Daily

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