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Apple Watch arrives in more markets next month

July 17 to be precise.

Apple Watch Milanese loop

After being launched in a select few markets back in April the Apple Watch is gradually making its way to more markets across the globe, as the company irons the kinks out of its supply chain. Initially there were many reports of the device being hit with low production yields which is probably why Apple decided to sell the Apple Watch online for the first few weeks before finally releasing it in its retail stores.

Earlier today the Apple Watch was released in several new markets, including Mexico, Italy, Singapore, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and Switzerland. Aside from launching the wearable device in these markets Apple also confirmed the next round of countries where it’s smartwatch will be headed in the coming month. Apple has confirmed through an update on its website that on July 17 the Apple Watch will be released in Seden, Thailand and the Netherlands.

There are still a lot of markets where the smartwatch is not yet available and Apple is working gradually to bring it to those markets, but from the looks of it, the effort is going to take some time.

Source: 9to5mac

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