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Apple wants to provide you the phone and a cellular service to go with it

The company is reportedly working to create its own Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO.

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If a latest report is to be believed Apple wants to further control your iPhone experience by not only providing you with the smartphone but also a cellular service to go with it. Apple is reportedly in talks with mobile networks in the United States and Europe to set up its MVNO service. It’s going to be limited to the company’s devices and will use infrastructure from established carriers to provide service to end users.

The way MVNOs function is that they don’t own any infrastructure on their own rather they lease it from major carriers. They can then sell the service directly to customers at varying price points. The advantage for Apple will be that it can charge customers directly for call, text and data services with the pre-installed Apple SIM in its devices effortlessly switching between multiple networks to provide the best service.

By no means is this a new idea, in fact Google is already doing something like this. The Mountain View company’s MVNO called Project Fi has already been launched and currently it provides service to Nexus 6 users based in the United States.

It is mentioned in the report that Apple isn’t rushing to get this service out the door instead it’s looking at the long-term potential in this plan so it could take up to five years for the company to launch its own cellular service for iPhones, which may only be provided in the United States and Europe to start with.

Source: Business Insider

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