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Apple TV gets marked as obsolete ahead of September event

Something new is just around the corner it seems.


It has been a long time since Apple released a brand new set-top box, many expected it to launch one last year but the company had other plans. Presumably it was waiting to launch the new set-top box alongside the internet streaming service that it has been working on but seeing as how that service has probably been delayed to 2016 Apple might now see it fit to launch the new hardware next month.

There’s yet another indication that a new set-top box is around the corner. A support document from Apple shows that after September 9 certain devices including the Apple TV will be marked as obsolete in many countries, while they will be moved to vintage status in the United States. This usually happens when a next-generation version arrives, hence the hint at a new Apple TV next month.

As far as the new set-top box is concerned previous reports have suggested that it could have an all new design, a new remote control, an App Store as well as Siri integration. Apple has an event scheduled for September 9 and if this new Apple TV really is in the pipeline we’re quite likely to hear about it at that event.

Source: 9to5mac

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