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Apple touts iOS 7 features for businesses

Today, Apple put up a new Business page for iOS 7 online, and it lists all of the features that this latest update has to deliver–including ‘great user experience for a company’s employees.’

iOS 7 beta 2

Hardly a decade ago the iOS platform wasn’t even on the radar of most major corporations as well as small businesses. BlackBerry was the industry standard back then, and the Canadian manufacturer ruled that particular market. Since the advent of iOS and the onslaught from Android, BlackBerry has lost its footing in that particular niche. Apple has continued to mount its attack by making its offering much more suitable for businesses. The trend continues with iOS 7, which is Apple’s biggest update to its mobile platform to date.

Apple lists quite a few features that iOS 7 has which are well suited for businesses. These include improved Mail, Enterprise single sign on, third-party app data protection, per app VPN and a lot more. Businesses will also be able to manage App Store licenses, allowing them to assign apps to their employees while keeping full ownership and control over app licenses. Enterprise single sign on makes it easier for employees to manage their login credentials across various apps, they’re logged in automatically without having to reenter the credentials.

All of the features have been described on the Business page of iOS 7. Apple hasn’t provided a solid release date yet, and has only said that iOS 7 public release is going to take place this fall.

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