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Apple to set up development center in Taiwan

Hiring to begin in September for a new Taipei-based engineering team to drive new iPhone product development.

The Apple logo is seen against the reflection of Taiwan's landmark building Taipei 101

VR-Zone has learned that Apple is currently in the recruiting stage to build a new engineering development team in Taiwan to work on the next-generation of iPhone product development.

Internal communications from Apple seen by VR-Zone show that the work results from this new Taiwan team will be used to create new products. The team will report to Apple’s headquarters in California.

Hiring will begin in September. Apple is currently looking for experienced and junior level engineers as well as junior and senior levels of management. Apple has not advertised these positions and is currently hunting for candidates by word of mouth.

Considering that Apple’s processor supplier, Samsung, has switched to local foundry Taiwan Silicon Manufacturing Company, it would make sense to have a Taipei based team to work closely on a number of engineering elements. It could also be that Apple didn’t feel confident setting up a sizable R&D operation in China,considering the government’s hostility in the country towards Apple, the very real risk of intellectual property theft by employees.

Apple is currently recruiting the following positions in Taiwan: Hardware Development Engineers (areas of expertise: audio, camera, sensors, power, analog, touch, RF, antenna, battery), Panel Process & Optics Engineers, Product Development Engineers, Product Development Engineer, Mechanical Engineers – Product Displays, Materials Technical Program Managers, Test Engineers, Software QA, Reliability Engineers, Product Safety Engineer – PD, Firmware Engineers, Engineering Program Managers.

Here’s the story from our sister site, VR-Zone Chinese.

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