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Apple to issue free OS X Lion USB sticks to certain consumers

Has your shiny Mac that was only recently upgraded to OS X Lion suffered from a hard disk failure, thus making it impossible for the machine to access the recovery partition in the hard disk for use in restoring Lion to its factory state? If so, we got some good news for you. Apparently, the Cupertino giant is all ready to issue USB sticks that have been preloaded with a rescue image for OS X Lion to such users at no cost, as long as they meet certain requirements set out by the company.

As most people would have probably found out by now, Apple's new digital distribution method for OS X Lion now allows users to download a copy of the installer onto their Macs for a nominal fee, and that the installer automatically deletes itself as soon as the operating system is successfully installed. This has resulted in many users attempting to hold on to their downloaded installers by making use of OS X 's built-in tools to create a bootable DVD or flash disk of OS X Lion, thus ensuring that they have something to fall back on if their Macs suddenly suffer a catastrophic hard disk failure, thus making it impossible for them to access the recovery partition that Lion creates during the installation process.

But what if you are unlucky enough to suffer from such a hard disk failure and have no usable backup copies of Lion to make use of for the reinstallation of your operating system? Well, the good news is that help may be at hand, for word has it that Apple has got plans to issue such users with a free USB recovery stick containing the rescue partition for OS X Lion, but only if they meet certain requirements, as shown in an internal Apple memo which 9to5mac has somehow managed to get its hands on.

According to 9to5mac, a Mac user is only eligible to receive the USB recovery media for free after he or she has failed to make use of Lion's built-in recovery tools (especially Internet Recovery)  to restore the operating system. And even then, the request must be cleared by a Tier 2 tech support personnel before Apple will agree to ship a USB recovery flash drive to the affected consumer. Otherwise, they will still have to pay the handsome sum of US$69 for the recovery media, which is more than double the price Apple is charging for a fresh download of Mac OS X Lion (US$29) off the Mac App Store.

Source: 9to5mac

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