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Apple stores preparing queues for unannounced iPhones

Nothing has been formally announced yet. But it is not deterring people from waiting outside Apple stores in growing numbers for products yet to be released.


Lining up early for an Apple product launch is no longer a strange thing. Each release from the first generation iPhone  to the latest iPhone 5S consistently draws huge amounts of shoppers to wait in line, days before they are even available.

It doesn’t take a genius to find out that shoppers are likely waiting in hordes to get their hands on the next Apple iPhone (as it happens every year), likely the iPhone 5S or the 5C. Both smartphones are expected to be released this week, with the release date of September 10th circulating around. But in an attempt to get a slice of the pie early, shoppers are primed and ready to burst in the moment both products formally launch; Being the world’s first to stake their claim in owning the latest Apple product.

Despite the increased attention, it doesn’t seem to draw much activity around other parts of the US (or the world, for that matter) yet. The reported lines are largely amassing only in a few stores in the US, with the official store in NYC confirmed online via a user’s tweet.

And further evidence of the growing number of campers in line at Fifth Avenue:


Netizens online have expressed their usual opinions on this phenomenon, calling it ‘ridiculous’ and ‘dumb’, dishing out backlash at the cult of Apple’s followers waiting in line, so desperately to get hold of their dream gadget. They might not have to wait long, or another 2 weeks with conflicting information on the release being spread around the Internet.

Both 5S and 5C models are upgrades from the original iPhone 5, with the 5C being the budget tier with an affordable price point, color casings and the 5S featuring fingerprint-scanning technology.



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