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Apple Store unexpectedly fuels iPhone 6c speculation with puzzling render

Look, a Touch ID sensor-sporting mini-plastic iPhone.

iPhone 6c

It was only a couple of years ago that we could have easily guessed Apple’s product roadmap with our eyes closed and ear just occasionally to the ground. Nowadays, Tim Cook’s Cupertino outfit seems fickler (in a good way), and its plans are harder to predict than those of the competition.

For instance, we’re pretty sure Samsung has a Galaxy Note 5 and Note 5 Edge in the pipeline, but we wouldn’t swear by the number or names of the 2015 iPhone rehashes. A pair of incremental 6s and 6s Plus bumps reasonably hold water, yet nobody can rule out the prospect of radical 7 and 7 Plus upgrades at the moment.

Meanwhile, this wild rumor of a semi-affordable c-series reboot surfaced out of nowhere not long ago, and was quickly silenced by typically credible analysts and tipsters. Only the purported iPhone 6c is today back with a vengeance, alongside bizarre and most likely unintentional official corroboration.

iPhone 5c

An otherwise straightforward Lightning Dock sales section of the US Apple Store features a never-before-seen image of a pink plastic iPhone. Nothing revelatory thus far, after all, the 2013 iPhone 5c is available in a fuchsia hue.

However, what this picture exhibits and your normal iPhone 5c doesn’t is a fingerprint-recognizing home button. Artistic rendition gone horribly wrong? Perhaps, but this is Apple we’re talking about. The company’s designers, web admins and PR reps rarely pull such a stunt without meaning to.

So yeah, we think there’s something coming on the low-cost iPhone front, but we obviously couldn’t tell you what other enhancements might be in store. Fingers crossed for A7 processing power, at the very least, more coats of paint, superior build quality, improved battery life and maybe a marginal size increase.

Source: Cult of Mac

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