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Apple steals YouTube video without author consent, Nokia rewards filmmaker with free Lumia 1020

Nokia has gotten really good of late at advertising its products at the expense of the competition, but nothing, not even that wickedly clever anti-Galaxy S4 Zoom marketing stunt, showcased the sheer brilliance the Finns are apparently capable of.

iPhone 5s lines

Until yesterday, that is, when they sent a fairly well-known YouTube video creator a Lumia 1020 on the house. Sounds like something you’d do to get some free cheap publicity, and in essence that’s exactly what it is, but you haven’t heard the full story yet.

It all started upon iPhone 5s and 5c’s launches, when inevitably and inexorably dozens of Apple physical stores were taken by storm by… let’s call them fanatics. Huge lines were formed, we laughed, Cupertino made a boatload of money and young director and producer Casey Neistat shot a short movie titled “The Dark Side of the iPhone 5s Lines”, which he then uploaded to YouTube.

It didn’t take long for the vid to become viral (it now has close to 4 million views), so unsurprisingly Apple found out about it and… stole it. No point in beating it around the bush or hiding behind words. They stole it, ripped it off, re-edited it, showed the modified product internally to motivate employees and, surprise surprise, did not credit Neistat.

Nokia Lumia 1020

It figures, after all, sarcasm alert, it was no longer his movie, right? Fortunately, while Neistat couldn’t really do anything about the “unfortunate” event (copyright infringement is what Apple knows best), The New York Times exposed Cupertino’s shenanigans.

And after being publicly shamed by such a reputable publication, Nokia threw another jab in Apple’s direction, sending Casey Neistat maybe the smartphone that best fits his needs, a 41 MP camera-toting Lumia 1020, along with the following message:

“Casey – we know it sucks when you have your ideas ripped off…Stay original, Casey, and we hope you will consider capturing some new moments on this. If you’re into it… let’s do something together! Truly, Your friends at Nokia.”

Get it? “We know it sucks when you have your ideas ripped off”, as in Apple stole from us too. Splendidly played, Nokia. As for Neistat, don’t sweat it, man. It could have been worse, right? They could have stolen the short, patent its title, subject or even filmmaking as an art form and then sue you for copyright infringement. It’s happened before.

Sources: CNet, The New York Times 

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