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Apple starts selling refurbished iPad mini with Retina display

Refurbished units will retail for a discount of approximately 15 percent on Apple’s online store.


Refurbished iPad mini units with the Retina display are now available for purchase now through the Apple online store. They won’t be available from third party retailers or even the company’s own brick and mortar stores.

Apple has long offered the option to purchase refurbished units. These are units returned to Apple — some with minor issues — and the company then fixes them properly, wraps them up, slashes the price and puts them up for sale. It even offers a one year warranty with these units just like it does with new units.

Only the Wi-Fi variants of refurbished iPad mini with Retina display are available right now through the Apple online store. It may only be a matter of time though until the 4G LTE enabled models are offered for as well. Wi-Fi only variants are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacity, with the base 16GB model starting at $339. Its a 15 percent discount over full retail. A brand new 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad mini with Retina display costs $399 through Apple’s website or retail stores.

It has taken Apple considerably longer to launch these refurbished units. The company has already been selling refurbished iPad Air models through its online store for quite some time. Though those who had been waiting out on buying an iPad mini with Retina display now have the chance to get their hands on one at a relatively lower price, provided that they don’t mind using a refurbished device.

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