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Apple starts crediting users who paid for iWork and iLife apps after Sept. 1

At its media event last month, Apple announced that iWork and iLife apps will now be available for free for iOS devices activated after September 1. The company has now started crediting those who have purchased the apps after that.


Back at the event, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the iWork and iLife suite of apps is now going to be free for all new iOS devices that are purchased after September 1. However, some customers who had purchased new devices after the given date had already purchased the apps before the announcement took place on September 10, while others paid for them after the announcement in confusion about how the claim the free versions.

Those customers starting receiving emails from Apple today informing them that they are eligible for a credit to their iTunes account. Apple states in the email that they’re being credited back for the amount they spent on these apps, which they should have been able to download for free. As per reports, Apple isn’t crediting the entire price of iWork and iLife suites, it is only crediting what people paid for. For example if someone just bought Pages from the iWork suite, they’ll get credited only for that app. Though obviously if they purchased the entire suite, then they’ll be credited for that in full.

Users who have received the credit in their iTunes account are eligible to use it to purchase any content from the iTunes Store, App Store or the iBooks Store. The refund is claimed through a redeem code that Apple sends along in the email.

Source: 9to5Mac

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